Apr 04

African Flower Purse

Hi friends,

The African Flower Purse is so pretty you will want it for yourself  :) This purse is perfect for the summer!! The colours of the motifs are lovely and bright to help keeps a smile on your face :)

The purse is crocheted in worsted weight yarn. The purse consists of 14 flower motifs and two half motifs in white. The rest  of the purse is single & double crochets.

purse"african flower|colours|trendy|crochet|Yarn|hook|handles|lining|snap

I started out by making the motifs, changing the colours around in each one. I then started to sew them together. I decided to make it like one piece of fabric. There are some motifs that half of it is on the  other side of the purse. Once I was done I needed to make 2 half motifs for the center s of the top of the African Flower Purse :)



I filled the sides in with double crochets ,crocheting them together by making a wavy side pattern.I did a couple of rounds of single crochet at the top of the African Flower Purse.

What to do for a handles?.I chose to take a few of the colours of yarn and crochet them together making them one long double handle. I sewed them end to end.I made side loops from crocheting around a plastic ring. I sewed them to the inside of the purse. I threaded the handles through the loops & sewed the ends together.

I then did a reverse single crochet all around the top of the purse. I used the few of the colours ‘from the motifs to tie everything in :) It tied in the colours  too :)


I had a very pretty flower fabric, that I made in the lining for the African Flower Purse :) I added a snap on the inside of the purse :)

What an unique and colourful  summer purse. If you would like to purchase this African Flower Purse please leave a comment or e mail 


There are other purses available for purchase :)




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