Sep 12

All Skulls Shawl

Hi Friends,

It is getting to that time of year that all thinks point to the orange and black :) Some people in my life just love skulls , especially my son :) I keep my eyes out for new and interesting skull patterns :)

I found the  pattern “Lost Souls” Skull Shawl Designed by Maryetta Roy and added it  to my pattern list.

A couple of days later, I actually had an order for one ,out of the blue . I  am now excited as  I had the chance to make it :)

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Now that I am making the  All Skulls Shawl , it is time to party with Caron Simply Soft Party!  Just for fun, the yarn has a little tone-on-tone sparkle to Caron Simply Soft yarn, without changing the softness, drape, or luster that you love. The pattern calls for a 5mm crochet hook.

The All Skulls Shawl  is a lacy pattern and  starts out with a single skull . The stitches are done in single crochet and double crochet making up shells .

You add a skull on each side as you go along with the pattern :) The edge works along  which is a scalloped look :) You continue making the All Skulls Shawl  until there are   ten skulls  ,then the edge at the top closes the skull pattern to finish it off :)


This shawl is a really enjoyable project. The shawl is a one size fit all so it can be great for all wearers :)

 All Skulls Shawl can be done is any colour including variegated  colours  :) You could make it shorter for kids too:)

If you would like a shawl please leave a comment or e mail wendy@smilesnpurls.com


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