May 16

Baby Owl Shoes

Hi Friends,

Hoot Hoot little owls …..  What a cute idea for baby booties :) The Baby Owl Booties  are on the blog called ” damn it Janet,let’s crochet ”  :)  These were inspired by several owl booties she saw while searching through Google. Aren’t they adorable? A must have for your newborn :)

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The booties will fit newborn – 3 months old (3.5″ sole) and you can make them in any colour :).

You need pink yarn  for the body,white for the eyes,orange for the beaks. You need 2 12mm buttons for the straps & 10mm black buttons for eyes. You can find the pattern here http://damnitjanetletscrochet.blogspot.ca/2012/08/baby-owl-booties.html

So I am calling them Baby Owl Shoes and here is my version :) To start the shoes you make the sole in brown worsted yarn and a 4mm crochet hook.They start with a chain 11 then do a series of single ,half double and double crochets to make the shape of the foot.

The second and third rounds of the Baby Owl Shoes are done in  single crochet, increasing at the heel and toes,

with some half double crochet :)You fasten off after this round and weave in the ends.

For the body of the Baby Owl Shoes I used pale pink yarn , as in the pattern. This first round is done in just the back loops to make the edge of the heel and the start of the top of the shoe.

The rest of the shoe is three rounds of single crochets and half double crochet ,decreasing the stitches to make the shoe mold to the foot.

The shoe is almost done :)

Baby Owl

To make the strap of the Baby Owl Shoes, slip stitch around to the left or right side of the shoe. You then chain  12 ,slip 7 chains then  single crochet in 6 chains then continue around the shoe and slip stitch to the first stitch and sew in ends.Make the other shoe reversing the straps.

You make the eyes in white yarn and the beaks in orange.All that is left is to assemble the cute little owls :)

I found two little pink sparkly  12mm buttons for the straps.
Sew the eyes in place keeping them close together & adding 10mm black buttons.
Place the beak a little under the eye and sew it in place with matching thread.
I added a bit of a fringe around the top of the eyes  ,looks like feathers .


I love these cute  little Baby Owl Shoes :)

Any baby girl will be so cosy with these on her little feet. The shoes can be made in any colour ,so blue for the little boy in your life :). You can add flowers on the side if you like :)

If you would like a pair of  Baby Owl Shoes please leave a comment or e mail   wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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