Oct 03

Basket Tote

Hi Friends,

You can never have enough baskets !  I find myself putting my projects in baskets all the time. They are easy to find and I  usually remember what is in each one :)

Crocheting is such a quick and easy means to conjure up all kinds of ideas. The best part of this is that you can wing a pattern ,as you are designing them :) The projects can work up very quickly and you can use them immediately :)

I picked up some chunky yarn a while ago & I knew it was going to be made into a Basket Tote  :) I had some oddments of other colours and off I went :)

basket|chunky|handles|handy|chunky yarn|crochet|crochet hook|portable

I used a 5.5mm crochet hook and chunky weight  yarn. I wanted the Basket Tote  to stand up when filled. I crochet a circle first in single crochet. I just kept increasing stitches as I  went ,like making  the crown of a hat. I ended up with 15 rounds of crochet.

I then changed to doubled yarn and double  crochets . I  did a pattern of two double crochets ,skip to stitches ,then repeated it along the round. I did two rounds then changed to green for two rounds. I continued doing this for 7 more rounds , using another blue yarn colour for a round also.

Chunky Basket

 I changed to purple yarn and did a round of the pattern. In the next round I made a space on each side to make handles.I crocheted a chain in the space for the handle, then filled it in on the next round of single crochet :)

I finished off the Basket Tote  with a round of crab stitch or reverse single crochet.

This quick and easy basket has been a fun and quick project. I even take the basket , like a bag ,to carry bigger knitting or crochet projects that  I want to work on where I am going :)

I IMG_2346

I can make  a  Basket Tote  just for you.It would be a cute gift filled with treasures for Christmas, birthdays,showers etc.. They can be made  any size ,colours and with any weight yarn you desire. The options are endless :)

Please leave a comment or e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com


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