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Cherry Sours Lace Fingerless Gloves

Hi Friends,

I have been working on some Lace Fingerless Gloves in a sock weight yarn called Patons Stretch Socks. I liked the colours, Cherry Sours  that is why I bought it. I had been holding on to  it , waiting for an idea for  pattern ,as no way I am making socks lol.

I have been making a lot of fingerless gloves and have looked at tons of patterns. Then I found Red Heart  Crochet Lace Fingerless Mitts and they are done in sock weight :) :) The yarn I have is discontinued, but the pattern is for Red Heart Heart & Sole. There are wonderful colours in this yarn also so maybe more gloves coming lol.

Back to the pattern :)

My name is of course Cherry Sours Lace Fingerless Gloves and they are lacy ,feminine , stretchy and delicious 😉

Sock yarn\fingerless gloves|lacy|crochet|hook|stretchy|cherry sours|spring|rib

The pattern starts with the hand part.You work from the wrist up to the bottom of the fingers. I made the larger size so to make the size smaller see the pattern.

With a 3.50 mm crochet hook , so I chained 48 chains and joined. The foundation row is a combination of v stitches and fan stitch ( which is 5 double crochet in one chain) You join to the top of the v stitch.Then you turn the work.

The next round you go backwards to the beginning of the last round.You basically put v stitches in the fans and fans in the v stitches.

You turn the work after every round. So after round 3 you make the space for the thumb.

You do round 4 and leave out the fan stitch that goes  in the last  v stitch ( thumb hole. Round 5 you make a 5 chain over the hole in the last round which closes in the gap. Then on the 6th round you put a v stitch in the third chain of the 5 chain in the last round. Easy right :)

For the next 7 rounds follow the same pattern as round 2 . You then finish it off by working a reverse single crochet all around the top of the mitt. and fasten off.

 Sock Yarn Gloves


For the cuff of the  Cherry Sours Lace Fingerless Gloves you attach yarn to the lower edge of the first single crochet round.. Chain 2 and make a half double crochet in each stitch.

  The next 9 rounds you do a back post half double crochet  all around.

 I  made mine a bit different . I changed the rib to a  front post, then a back post one instead of all back posts.

Fasten off at end of Rnd 10. Weave in ends. Cherry Sours Lace Fingerless Gloves :)


Sock Yarn Mitts

I love these fingerless gloves. They would be great for a day when you just need a light cover for your hands. They are so feminine and would be great in any range of  fine yarn and colour :) I am thinking ,sparkly,plain colour ,mix of cuff and lace a different colour or all plain hand and coloured wrist and on and on……. Oh my I am inspired now :) :0

If you would like my Cherry Sours Lace Fingerless Gloves ( or a different colour etc.) ,please leave a comment or e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com

Other fingerless gloves available for purchase :





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