Nov 14

Chocolate & Limes Purse

Hi friends,

This Chocolate  & Limes Purse is just a fun design. The design stitch is called the ” two colour catherine wheel stitch”, when I saw this pattern I just had to try it :) I loved  doing this crochet stitch because it shows the colour changes so well.The two colours really go well together. There is a candy called chocolate limes,a hard candy with chocolate filling. These colours a like the candies…can you say sweet tooth :):)



crochet|limes|chocolate|hook|bamboo handles|catherine wheel


To make this design I basically made a chain and connected it. I then crochet the design in a circle, it just grew so fast and I really enjoyed doing  it  :)

The top of the body is just single crochets. To add the bamboo handles you just slip stitch around the metal brackets on the edges of the handles. I think the bamboo handles really set off this purse .

The Chocolate  & Limes Purse is fully lined in a soft lime fabric.This is a “one of a kind” Chocolate & Limes Purse and is available for purchase :) :)


Please feel free to leave a comment :)        wendy@smilesnpurls.com



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