Dec 01

Croc Me Up bag

Hi Friends,

Are you looking for a bag with a difference? This Croc Me Up bag is just that :) I found this cool yarn is a greyish brown and a neat texture. I thought “wouldn’t it be even cooler if I used the crocodile stitch” :)Crocodile BagOnce you start using this stitch it is addictive and works in many adaptations. I basically made the Croc Me Up  bag all in one piece. The stitch makes a weight to the bag, I crochet a few rows single crochet at the top.I edged the top in reverse single crochet.To make a handle I used the same yarn as the bag.

Once the Croc Me Up bag was done  I felt it just needed something . I had these large copper gold sequins, so I attached them with beads around the top three rows of the crocodile stitch :) I think it is just enough :)



croc lining

I used a bright floral fabric for the lining. Just a touch of whimsy to Croc me Up  bag ….lol  There you go, a fun bag and “one of a kind”.


If you are interested in purchasing the Croc Me Up bag please leave a comment or  e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com





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