Nov 01

Ear, Ear —- Crochet Earrings

Hi Friends,

I thought I would share a few pairs of earrings I crocheted ,for my friend ,Marg :). She had commented that she would like some and so I finally got around  to it :)  They are crocheted in crochet cotton and I basically made them up as I was going. I alway love to crochet flowers as they are an easy embellishment for all kinds of things :)

earrings|crochet|cotton|crochet hook|beads|pretty|

The black ones are a the same pattern I used in a previous post . I made them in a gold thread last time. I chose black thread so they will go with many colours :)

The pattern is Dainty Earrings designed by Julie A. Bolduc.

The Pink  Button pair ,are just a  cute ,pink flower crocheted around a little button :) I simply added an earring wire and a loop:)

IMG_2315 IMG_2297plum earring

The Purple Beaded Flowers were a small flower done on a small crochet hook & I added a bead in the center :)

IMG_2313  IMG_2316

 These earrings were a quick project and Marg was thrilled with the results:)  These can be done in many colours :)

Great stocking stuffer 😉

Crochet gold earrings

If you would like some crocheted earrings please leave a comment or e mail wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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