Aug 12

Just Add a Charm

Hi Friends,

Bracelets are loved by most ladies and even the men if the charm is one they love. I saw this post with a knitted charm on the bracelet & having that exact charm I decided to make one:)  You can find adorable charms so now I will make a bracelet! And a simple crocheted i-cord with a lobster clasp and jump ring on each end was all it took :)

I saw this post on Repeat Crafter Me which I seem to find a lot of cool ideas on her site.


I am calling it Just Add a Charm ,as there are any variations which suit everyone :)

You can use any yarn you please.I used  3.75 crochet hook and Sirdar Click dk  yarn for my Just Add a Charm bracelet :)

You make an i cord    following  THIS clever tutorial for an easy i-cord chain by MellowMe Creations

This is an easy i cord and quickly made.  I attached my jump ring to the slip knot at the beginning and then attached the lobster claw on the finishing end before I weaved in the ends on my Just Add a Charm bracelet :)


The entire length of the i-cord is 20 inches long and wraps around my wrist 3 times. You can make yours longer or shorter!

I attached the yarn charm to the jump ring. It will help if you have a pair of needle nose pliers.So many ways you could use this charm and a great way to show off your love of yarn or anything you choose :)

I -cord Bracelet

If you liked this post please feel free to leave a comment. If you would like some Just Add a Charm bracelets please e mail wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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