Nov 27

Mossy Woods Purse

Hi Friends,

Today I have a crochet purse I call Mossy Woods Purse. I was making purses for a friend of mine and when I saw this green chunky chenille yarn I knew it would make a nice purse.


Choc and bobbles


I just love the colours in the yarn and with the stitch of bobbles it looks like moss, There was the name I picked for the Mossy Woods Purse.  I crocheted in a circle  and adjusted the shape as  went. Since for the most part I design the purses as I go, they have minds of their own lol :)

I only purchased the one ball of yarn so I chose to add some worsted weight yarn at the top part.I saved enough to make the handles for the Mossy Woods Purse and to finish the edges.

knitting|chenille bulky|bobbles|brown |purse|eyelash

I added some mink coloured eyelash yarn for accents.  I lined the Mossy Woods Purse with a soft green fabric.

This purse is soft and fun:)


If you would like to purchase the Mossy Woods Purse please leave a comment or e mail me     wendy@smilesnpurls.com



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