Nov 12

Orange and Grape Crush Blanket

HI friends,

Today I have two blankets that have the same design. The first one I call Orange and Grape  Crush Blanket.The orange and grape  mixed with the white  bobbles (bubbles :) reminded me of Orange and Grape Crush pop :)


orange crush|white|yarn|crochet|hook|


I wanted to make a thicker blanket so I mixed purple and orange sport weight yarns together. The design is a mix of crossed double crochets ,bobbles and double crochets. I kept the bobbles in the white ,also double thickness ,sections so they showed up well. I made the bobbles big for a different look. All the trim is also bobbled :)  This blanket is a really neat look. Grape and Orange Crush blanket is a sweet blanket for a toddler or for a lap blanket :)


The other blanket is just like the first one, just a different colour


.Big Bobble Blanket is made in a white sport weight yarn that has flecks of lemon yellow. I made it in double thickness for warmth. I did the big bobbles by adding a lemon colour yarn into the white.The blanket is made the same as the Orange and Grape Crush Blanket.


Both blankets are great gifts for the new baby,toddler or lap blankets for a  grandparent :) :)


Please feel free to add a comment :)            wendy@smilesnpurls.com





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