Jan 14

Red Rose for You

Hi Friends,

It is getting time for Valentines Day and all hearts and flowers abound :) Usually red and white themes go over nicely, so I decided a hat is a good start. Red Rose for You is a pretty winter white crocheted hat with a huge red rose pinned on. I think it is a great way to not only warm your heart ,but also you  head  images (69)


vintage yarn|whinter white|red|rose|Heart button|crochet|flower|puff stitch|hook|crochet hook|sparkle trim|

I had a ball of vintage Patons Angelica in winter white.This yarn is soft and fluffy and has 15% mohair for the lush factor 😉 I used a 5.5 mm crochet hook and started to crochet in rounds from the top of the hat :)

Once I had five rounds of the Red Rose for You  hat and the increases were done, I change to puff stitch. I haven’t made this stitch in a while, so I re looked on you tube for a refresher. You can find all kinds of ideas there ,and I must admit I spent too much time just going from one idea to another and lots of projects came to mind :)

lPuff Stitch Flower Hat

Once I had five rounds of that stitch done, I did four rounds of rib.I just did the single crochet in the back loop rib :).

I did one more round in a picot type stitch.I  added an eyelash sparky yarn together with the Angelica yarn ,and it gave the hat edge a pretty finish. We all need that little bit of sparkle in our day :)

Now for the rose. I had spent a lot of time looking on that You Tube site and there are lots of rose patterns. I chose to make one from a couple of ideas ,as I am always making flowers lol.

I used another vintage yarn from Sears called Images,which was gifted to me from Caz,(my sis). The deep red is  a lovely contrast for the hat :) I added a heart shape button in the center of the rose.This flower is pinned on so it can be remove for washing :)

images (66)You now have your hearts and flowers for Valentines Daysmileys-hearts-269726.

If you would like to purchase Red Rose for You  hat or have one made in other size or colour please

leave a comment  or  e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com

Other hats available for purchase, please follow the links:






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