Dec 22

Sequoia Bulky Cowl

Hi Friends,

Today I made Sequoia Bulky Cowl  ,similar look as the  one  from  the movie Catching Fire. The pattern from Lion Brand has an elaborate, chained under the arm cowl attachment, but I just made it into just the basic style cowl and adapted it with a few extra touches :) .

So the yarn I used is Lion Brand Heartland Thick & Quick and I chose the colour Sequoia,which is a golden and chocolate browns mix.This yarn is beautiful to work with. Heartland Thick & Quick is  super bulky and is sensationally soft and warm. Its rich heathered shades were inspired by the natural beauty of the American landscape.

SequoiaChocolate Cowl

The Sequoia Bulky Cowl started with a chain of sixty stitches on 9mm crochet hook ,then formed into a ring. The next two rounds are just single crochet:)

The next round is a bobble row.Have I told you that I love the bobble stitch or popcorn stitch ? :) It is a great way to put texture and interest in an item. You have to make a single crochet ,chain 3 and a bobble in the same stitch as the bobble, You then you have to miss two stitches to have room for the chunky bobble in the Sequoia Bulky Cowl  :)

The next round is taking the shape back by doing two single crochet and a half a double crochet in the previous chain 3 ,then double crochet in the single crochets of the previous round.bulky|cowl|crochet|hook|Hearland|thick & Quick|bobbles|armour|Chocolate brown|edging

You do a round of single crochet then do the two pattern stitches rounds again. In the Sequoia Bulky Cowl more rounds of bobble can be added if you want more depth.

There is always a round of single crochet in between the patterned rounds. I did a few more rounds of single crochet, then to edge it off I did a round of reverse single crochet. I love the look of the reversed crochet :)

I turned the cowl upside down and did a round of single crochet and the reverse single crochet round ,the same as the top :)

Chunky Bobble Cowl

I love the look of this Sequoia Bulky Cowl as I think it looks like armour :)

If you are interested in having this cowl ,or one like it, please leave a comment  or e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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