Apr 11

Shades & Tones Bag

Hi Friends,

A chunky bag that has lots of room ,is just the thing for a fun accessory:) This cute crochet bag is a one of a kind , and has a cool shiny lining , just for fun :) The Shades & Tones Bag   is a mixture of single crochet and shell stitch design. There are black soft texture accents near the top.

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The yarn has  beautiful shades of  pink,burgundy and orange tones, in a bulky variegated yarn. This yarn is  soft and has very pretty colour changes.The yarn feels lovely to work with :)

The Shades and Tones Bag was started with a crochet circle and increasing in size to make the base of the bag. Once I got so far up I changed to a shell stitch for eight rounds just to give texture & interested to the bag.

Tones Bag

I changed back to single crochet for a few rounds.

I had a fluffy black yarn that I used for a couple rounds of the shell pattern. Two more rounds of single crochet then I made holes for the handles.

Once the handles were made I finished off the top edge and around the handles in reverse single crochet :)


I lined the Shades and Tones Bag with a funky silver and red tone lining. This bag is very cute and perfect for gift. if you are interested in purchasing the bag please leave a comment or e mail   wendy@smilesnpurls.com

other purses or bags are available to purchase. Please click on the links:




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