Jul 15

Summer Jar Cover

Hi Friends,

It is bright and says summer :) I made a cover for a jar using rainbow yarn and thought how cute for a candle,flowers ,shells etc.

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There Summer Jar Cover ¬†if a perfect little gift as a hostess gift or just because ūüėČ I had spaghetti for dinner & thought I can use the jar for a craft.I found my Caron Simply Soft¬†¬†Paints¬†in Rainbow Bright shade. I used a 3.5 mm crochet hook and here I am.

So I chained about 40 stitches & joined into a circle.

So I knew I wanted the  Summer Jar Cover to be lattice looking. I did one single  crochet ,miss 3 stitches all around the jar. I then did 4 rounds of single crochet chain 3 all around for 4 rounds.


I decided to put a twist in the pattern so on the next round I did sc chain 2 wrapped the next stitch around the 5 rows below and pulled it close with a single crochet then then 2 chain. I then did the chain pattern then the next did the wrapped pattern again to the end.

I did five more patterned rows & the wrapped pattern for the Summer Jar Cover

For the rest of the jat I just used the chained pattern to the top of the jar :)

I put a row of single crochet for the next round then I did a row of crab stitch to finish it off.

You can put the lid on for storing shells, spoons,anything really. You can put a candle in and you could put a pretty bunch of flowers in the in the jar.


If you would like one of my Summer Jar Covers  please leave a comment or e mail wendy@smilesnpurls.com 



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