Apr 17

Tips to De- stress by Knitting and Crocheting

Hi Friends,


Today I just have a little post. I saw a post about how to use knitting or crocheting  to de-Stress by Vickie Howell of Yarnspirations :)

I though this a great post for the day. I knitting continually when I’m not crocheting lol.


Here are a couple of ideas.

Choose a small project that you can you can finish quickly. A finished item equals a small,endorphin releasing triumph :)


Use a mega bulky yarn ,so even crafting  missions  produce progress you can see :)

images (19)

Choose patterns that have simple repeats.

For a meditative effect ,chant them as you knit :)With every stitch or two breathe in ,breathe out

crochet sign

Knit a gift.Making someone elses day is very therapeutic :)

After a long day take a few minutes to knit or crochet some stitches. It is a great way to relax

10550606_6023094074443_1918428547_n 749

I hope this helps . Happy Stitching:)

Feel free to leave a comment or e mail wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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Vickie Howell Yarnspirations


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