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Alpaca Cables Hat

Hi Friends,

I made  Alpaca Cabled Hat  because  my head was cold  ,when I went out walking with Timber ,my German Shepherd) ,. I hate wearing hats but I just had to try using Bernat Alpaca :)  The yarn was recomended by my sister :) This is a luxuriously soft alpaca blend available in a sophisticated, nature-inspired shade range. I chose Cherry red for my Alpaca Cables Hat :). The yarn works up quickly with beautiful stitch definition.

 Alpaca Hat

So what pattern? I wanted cables,as I love doing cables so I looked at patterns and decided to make my own, Alpaca Cables Hat  :) I used a 6mm circular knitting needles,mine are Knitters Pride Symfonie Dreamz interchangeables, which I love <3.


So I cast on 70 stitches and joined into the round. I decided to trying a hat with no rib rows.So I went into the pattern of knit 6 purl 4 across. I worked five rows then made a 3& 3 cable on the 6 knit stitches. Instead of working the cable the normal way , I did one slip 3 to the back ,knit three then knit the three stitches , then the next cable was reversed slip 3 stitches in the front , then knit the three on the needle. I did this every cable for the rest of  the row.Alpaca yarn|knitting|cherry red|cables|knitting needles|warm

For the next rows of the Alpaca Cabled Hat  I did five rows plain,then the cable row again. I switched the cable on each row as before. so started with the 3 stitches to the front first. There were five of this cable row before the hat was the length I needed :)

At the sixth cable row the hat measured 61/2 inches. I then started decrease rows for eight rows.The last round is knit two together , p1 to the end of the round. I then cut the yarn  then threaded  it through the remaining 14 stitches and pull tight & weaved in end :)

Cherry Alpaca Hat

A warm stylish hat and goes well with my purple coat :) If you would like an Alpaca Cabled Hat 

Please leave a comment or send an e mail to    wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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