Jan 16

Bright On Mittens

Hi Friends,

There are so many bright colours for yarn these days and at a trip to Michael’s, I came home with Hot Fuchsia Everyday soft worsted by Deborah Norville Collection. Wow is it bright ,but it cheered me up quickly. This yarn is gorgeous and soft.It is spun with  pill-resistant acrylic and is machine wash and dry for easy care;)

So Bright On Mittens were designed for the pink lovers. I know there are a few family members that just love pink (both my sisters)  :) It’s a colour for fun,fashion,and you can’t get any pinker for all those valentines,girly,charity projects.

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To start my Bright On Mittens I used a 4mm circular knitting needle (Knitter’s Pride Symfonie) . I cast on 30 stitches and did a cable rib. I know ,I love cables lol.I changed to 5mm needles and knit 2 rounds.

I purled a round ,knit a round then did a bobble round :)I did another knit round and a purl round :)

I then knitted 4 rounds and then started the gusset for the thumb.Once 15 stitches were added I saved them on a stitch holder.I then did two round and another pattern of purls and bobbles :)

Hot Pink Mitts

I did 6 plain knit rounds ,then I did three sets of the purl and bobble stitches.I like the effective of this :)

That brought me up to the decreasing for the fingers.I sewed the last stitches into a loop and sewed the end in.


To do the thumb I picked up three stitches along the hand ,and then knit the stitches off the stitch holder.The next round, I knit 3 together to start back to 14 stitches. Once the thumb measured 21/4 inches, I knit 2 together around and pulled the tail of the yarn through the stitches  and sewed it off.

The second mitten of my Bright On Mittens was done exactly the same way :)

Hot Fuchsia Mittens

I think my pattern looks lovely. A modern look and one that will go with lots of coloured clothing:)

These mittens a fun,fashionable,warm and very PINK lol

If you are interested in purchasing my Bright On Mittens please leave a comment or e mail


More mittens and gloves available please follow the links :)






:) Smiles ‘n’ Purls Registered pattern :)


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