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Cable and Twist Cardigan & Hat

Hi Friends.

The baby grew up and has her own cabled cardigan :) I just love cabled sweaters and there is no reason the little ladies can’t have some :) I had a chance to make some girly sweaters and a had left over yarn.The Cable and Twist Cardigan & Hat  is a about  age 2/3 and is ready for  that play date:) The sassy hat has the twisted rib to match the sweater and I made a funky beaded  topper, just for fun :)


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The Cable and Twist Cardigan & Hat has 24 ” chest ,but has stretch.

This sweater is made on straight needles. I made the back first . I cast on and did an inch of k1 ,p1 rib. Then I made the back in reverse stocking stitch with rows of twisted cable about every inch apart .

The fronts are in the same pattern ,but there is a very pretty cable and bobble pattern all the way up then the twisted cables to the sides.The sleeves follow the same as the back.This cardigan has a round neck just to keep the chill out :)

Waves Sweater

Once all the pieces are made  I sewed up the seams of the Cable and Twist Cardigan & Hat , and did a button band on the left front then knitted up to the mid back. The other side got a buttonhole band.

I used some pink buttons that have an engraved flower on them,  to set up this gorgeous pattern.

The little hat for the set  Cable and Twist Cardigan & Hat   has the  same pattern as the sleeves and back of the cardigan.I crocheted  some chains and added pony beads ,just  for fun.I sewed it on the hat :)

Twist Hat

This is a “one of a kind” set. If you are interested in purchasing this Cable and Twist Cardigan & Hat

please leave a comment or e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com

Other sweaters are available for purchase.Please follow the links :)







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