Nov 01

Cables & Flower Scarf

Hi Friends,

Today, I have a scarf that I found on The Whoot website. I liked the look of the pattern so I thought I would share it with you :) It is called Knitted Moon Flower . I made the scarf in Lion Brand Heartland Yarn in the colour  Hot Springs .The picture doesn’t give the colour justice .It is a purple with black strands in it.

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The pattern looks like it was translated from Russian. There are no directions on what yarn and needles and so I guessed. The pattern was quite easy.You have to put a rib around the outside, once you make the body of the scarf. There was no instruction on how to make the flower. I made my own to look something like the picture :)  They had a knitting needle scarf pick to close it up,mine was a bit too

long 😉

Cable & Flower Scarf



It is a pretty  pattern. I think it would look  nice in  a  natural colour. Check it out on the website and make your own or …….I can make one for you  :)

Thanks for checking out this site. E mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com





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