Oct 11

Ear- Bud Keepers

Hi Friends,

I just got a new phone this week :) I had a dinosaur one ,from eight years ago ,and my son decided it was time :) I now have a phone I can add music & books to  if I choose :)

I always would take my phone,my mp3 player and my small tablet with me when I went anywhere .. I love to listen to my music, read e books etc. I always have tangled ear -buds, so today is the day I changed things :)

Ear Keeper

I have been making socks for a few months and I learned to to the toe up ones on two circular needles. I had the brain-wave  about making a little sock for my ear-buds. The Ear- Bud Keepers use a small amount of sock yarn and a bit of my time 😉

I used Mondial Ciao Superwash sock yarn in shades of grey,pink,purple & white. This yarn is made in Italy and is 75% Lana Merino Wool & 25% Polyamid.  I used two Knitters Pride Karbonz needles size 2.25mm :)

I made the Ear- Bud Keepers the same way I make toe up socks using  the magic loop cast on :)

I made the same shaping as the toes to 26 stitches. I then did some plain rounds of stocking stitch :)

knitting|yarn|Pretty colours|circular knitting needles|hanger|handy|stocking stuffers|

Once the Ear- Bud Keepers were big enough to fit the ear-buds ,I did about eight rows of knit two, purl two rib, then cast off my stitches :)

I decided to crochet a little loop to hang if needed :)


My little Ear- Bud Keepers turned out just I hoped. No more tangled wires :) I am thinking this is a great stocking stuffer too 😉 The colours and pattern can be changed for each one. This is a Smiles ‘n’ Purls design  © pattern.

If you would  like some Ear- Bud Keepers, just leave a comment or e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com




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