Oct 25

Fingers in Stripes Gloves

Hi Friends,

It is all about the stripes, in this pair of knitted  gloves :)  Fingers in Stripes Gloves are my latest knitting project. I have been seeing socks in stripes, done in two different fingering sock yarn, lately . I just had to try the technique but decided to make a pair of gloves instead :) The use of  two different balls of yarn or using leftover yarn from other projects, is called rugrag or  blender knitting. You can also use all your left over sock yarn and go crazy :

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I looked at lots of patterns then decided to wing it and make it up as I went. There is something fun about making your own pattern :) I now have  Fingers in Stripes Gloves :)

I did a  21/2 inch rib, using a knit in the back of the knit stitch,and make it made the stitch twisted.  The yarns are Patons Kroy Sock Yarn in spring leaf and Mondail CIAO in a purple stripe :)

I changed to stocking stitch and by rotating the two yarns every two or three rows the stripes changed colours in a surprising way :) I made a gusset for the thumb :) I put the thumb stitches on stitch holder.  and continued making  the hand section.

2015-10-19 22.11.02

My friend asked if I was doing my fingers in different colours  hmm. I ended up  changed two fingers in the yellow and the other three in the purples :)

These Fingers in Stripes Gloves turned out fun and funky and wow not my usual style :) My knitting has really changed my choices  in the last year :) I love it :)

Fingers in Stripes Gloves

If you would like a pair of  Fingers in Stripes Gloves , pick your colours and yarn and here we go :)

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