Dec 16

Fur-tastic Purse

Hi Friends,

Fur seems to be hot right now. I have a knitted purse today, I call  Fur-tastic Purse and I think it is a winner :) It is fun,fashion forward,and an eye-lashy experience lol.

Fur-tastic Purse

I decided to knit a purse this time.I used Bernat Fab Faux Fur yarn in shades of plum. It was just plain knitting and I used the whole ball less enough for the handles. I then needed to make the rest of the body of the  Fur-tastic Purse  I changed to black yarn and seed stitch:) :)

I used a couple rows of long eyelash yarn to give it that dressy look:)

I made the handle, for the Fur-tastic Purse, in the fur yarn .I made a couple of rows of seed stitch, on each side of the purse top ,for the casing for the handles.I enclosed the handles in the casing and sewed it down:) I crocheted around the top of the purse in the fur yarn :)

The  lining is in a purple print fabric.

knitting|needles|fun|black yarn|eyelash|fashion|lining|seed stitch

What a fun purse and a great fashion must have :)

If you would like to purchase the “one of a kind ” Fur-tastic Purse , please comment or e mail   wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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