Oct 16

Hats off to You




Hi Friends , today it is all about hats. I had an order for two plain slouchy hats ,one in dark grey and one in black . When asked for a slouchy it was described as “the Opie hat”. For all the Sons of Anarchy lovers , you know what I  am talking about  :)


My model is my “muse” and  source of  inspiration in many ways  —- MY SON :):)IMG_0997

So this slouchy is a  very simple knitting pattern. I just used a  K1,P1  rib for 11/2 inches . Then I  used stocking stitch for the rest of the hat. I made the length longer to give the slouch.

You could order  this hat in any colour . It is basically the foundation for all pattern stitches , rib styles, embellishments etc. I thrive in creativity ,so there is so much room for pretty well anything you might want. :)

Leah's  Pink Daisy Slouchy


Leah’s  Pink Daisy Slouchy is knitted in a soft bulky yarn. This hat has a K2, P2  rib and has  a lacy pattern all over. I made a crocheted flower embellishment  and  added a pink daisy button.This again can be done in any colour.

So this is  the story on the slouchy :)  I hope you enjoyed my post  .

All patterns are Smiles ‘n’ Purls designs and are available for custom orders.Just send me a message and I will answer you promptly. Thanks :) :)

















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