Nov 08

Mile of Popcorn and Ripples


Hi Friends,


The afghan today is a Mile a Minute  Baby pattern.  A mile a minute is a fast growing pattern that is crochet in strips.




mile a minute


I liked the colours of the one in the picture so I used similar colours. I love bright  colours  especially for a baby room.

The afghan is crochet in strips so one is green and the next is purple. You crochet it together with white yarn.  The design forms ripples and bobbles and is quite striking. Once you get the main part of the afghan together you cut tassels to match each strip.


Waves and Bobbles


This afghan is wonderful for a Baby but it can also work well for a lap blanket, a stroller, wheel chair etc. A bright cheery bit of warmth :)


Fell free to add a comment or e mail   wendy@smilesnpurls.com             Afghan available for purchase :)



day without crochet


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