Jan 29

Hoot Owl Mittens

Hi Friends,

Owls seem to be everywhere now .I just love the big eyes :) I guess I am getting on the band wagon now too :) I was actually  trying out a new design, when a pattern came across my computer page. I belong to the Knitting Club on F.B. and a few patterns a day come up. Monday is was Give a Hoot by Jocelyn Tunney :) They are owl mittens. The more I looked at it ,I had to make them, but what colour?  I was chatting to a friend about  the pattern & she said close your eyes & pick a colour lol. (thanks Marg).

I pulled out my worsted yarn and found a large ball of a light tan colour. The pattern calls for 4 and 5 mm knitting needles& 200 grams of yarn. and 4- 1/8″ buttons.

I am calling the pattern Hoot Owl Mitts , just to show  them on my page :) I did the pattern in it’s  original form.

owl|mitts|pattern|tan yarn|4mm knitting needle|cable|thumbs|5mm knitting needle|warm|rib|

You start on the 4mm and cast on 36 stitches in the round and k2,p2 rib for 24 rounds. You change to 5mm and do 3 rounds of knit. The pattern does the left hand mitten first. You have to work the stitches to make a place for the owl and the thumb gusset.

So you work the increases and on the round 12 you do the first cable for the owl. I love cables so now the owl body shape starts :)After 2 more rounds you divide the stitches and place 12 stitches on a stitch holder. My Hoot Owl Mitts are coming to come to life :)

The next 20 plus rounds is basically working through the Owl pattern and making the body of the hand and finger part.


The decreases for the top of the hand takes 6 rounds then you pull the yarn through the last 4 stitches and close and sew in ends.


You take the stitches off the stitch holder and knit them you then cast on 2 stitches in the space left. You decrease them in the next round.Working on 12 stitches you do 9 rounds, then decrease over 2 more rounds down to 3 stitches.You cut he yarn and  pull through stitches & cinch closed. Sew in ends.


Hoot Mitts

My Hoot Owl Mitts for the right hand is done the same way as the left but the stitches are reversed so the owl is on the top of the hand :)

You add 2 – 1/8″ buttons on the faces for eyes :)

This is a lovely pattern and is very easy to follow. I would make them again:) If you are making yourself a pair have fun with it :) :)

Hoot Owl Mitts

If you would like a pair of  Hoot Owl Mitts made, please leave a comment or e mail   wendy@smilesnpurls.com

Other mittens are available please follow the links :







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