Nov 25

Just for my Socks Bag

Hi Friends,

Today I made a cute little knitted bag :) I have been going to make one for a while, but just didn’t put my mind to it. I knew I wanted something special :) I usually find something that catches my eye & know it is a “today” project 😉

I have been taking my sock knitting in a plastic bag ,in my purse. My friend kept telling me & needed to make a little sock bag. ……….Today  I made Just for my Socks Bag  :)

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I saw the pattern on Ravelry for Holiday Gift Bag by Jentide and I knew it was something I needed to make. It is so cute :)

I used Bernat Satin in a shade called Maitai , and 2 – 3.50mm circular needles :) I just use the two needles now instead of one. The  bottom of the Just for my Socks Bag

 is circular, then the knit & purl, rows makes the bottom sit up.

2015-11-23 06.12.33

I followed the pattern for two lace patterns, then I decided to use a honeycomb pattern. I just used this pattern on a pair of socks :)  I also added beads to both patterns 😉

There are eyelet holes near the top of the bag . The Just for my Socks Bag is tied together with an I-Cord ,threaded through the eyelet holes.

I added a pretty floral lining and then added beads on the ends of the i-cord :)

Sock Bag

It is the perfect size for a ball of sock yarn & my knitting and ,will fit in my purse :) No more comments from my peanut gallery ( love ya A.)

This little bag can be used for lots of surprises ,but mine is made   Just for my Socks Bag.

This can be made in any colour ,lots of options !

If you would like a little bag for dressing up a gift ,please leave a comment or e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com

Other bags available :




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