Apr 26

Knitting & Crochet Wreath

Hi Friends,

I had a fun craft to do  today . I made a Knitting & Crochet Wreath :)   I love to do both crafts , so I a bistitchual. :) (The ability to create stitches in two crafts, e.g. knitting and crocheting) :) I actually do cross stitch,embroidery, some sewing etc, too ;).

I belong to a group of ladies ,who come together at Stitch-it Central, in Ingersoll,Ontario.  We spend part of our wednesdays ,having a lot of fun and sharing tips and stories while we knit & hook :)

I decided to make my friend, Maria, the owner of the store , a wreath for her door :) I made it for a surprise  so that made it more special :)

,wreath|yarn balls|bear with knitting|hat & scarf|sweater| sign|knitting|crocheting|fun|friends

I used a recycle grapevine wreath from a Christmas  project. I used a chunky sparkle yarn as a ribbon around the wreath.

All knitters & crocheters have a yarn stash, so I pulled out my small ball stash 😉 I purchased small styrofoam balls  and wrapped yarn around them. I made the small balls with just the yarn :)

The fun part was putting them on the wreath. I used some hot glue and  wooden skewers to help hold the larger balls onto the wreath.

The smaller balls were easy to glue.

Now what to do with the top of the Knitting & Crochet Wreath ?

Knit Wreath

Years ago, I crocheted small bears to put on baby gifts . I had one left over, so I decided to make it the top of the wreath :)

I had to have some knitting  on there. so i used a couple of toothpicks and glued beads on the ends — needles !

I actually knitted a little swatch, which even has a cable on it  ,and put it on the toothpicks :)

I crocheted a small red scarf and I knit a little Canada  hat.

Last Christmas I knitted  sweaters for the tree. Another ornament for the Knitting & Crochet Wreath !!

The last thing I made was a sign for the store, I used card stock and printed the name Stitch-it Central in the center.

I crochet a picot pattern, in yarn, all around the edge.

I assembled the wreath and it was ready to hang :)

Yarn Wreath

I took Knitting & Crochet Wreath to the store today. Maria was very surprised and I think she was  happy that I spent my time making something for her :)

I had a lot of fun doing this project and loved the challenge . I hope I inspired someone to try making one of their own ! :)




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