Apr 10

Lilac Petals Basketweave Hat

Hi Friends,

Pale lilacs in spring came to my mind today :) The softness of this yarn,the flower and the basketweave is a lovely addition to my hat collection. The Lilac Petals Basketweave Hat has all the elements for spring :)

Lilac yarn\hat|basketweave|petals|soft|crochet|hook|spring|picot edge

I was looking for a pattern to use  pale lilac yarn. I couldn’t really see what I had in mind ,so it was time to make a pattern. I decided to make a big puffy flower and basketweave look :)

I used a 3.75 mm crochet hook and some vintage soft acrylic yarn that is so soft  & fluffy.

I made a puff stitch flower into the center of the crown. of the Lilac Petals Basketweave Hat. I used a puffy stitch and did increases in the round until I had 2 rounds of a puff stitch petals :)

Blossom hat

I started just doing double crochets with increases for 3 rounds :)

Once the increases were done, I changed to a basket weave look; for the LilacPetal Basketweave Hat . This stitch is done by crocheting around the front of the  posts  for 4 stitches ,then the back posts for 4 stitches.I did this round again then switched the front & back post stitches to make the basket weave :)

I did this stitch until the hat fit my head and a little extra.I did a band by single crocheting in the back of the stitches.

I finished off the Lilac Petal Basketweave Hat ©  by doing a picot edge :)

This hat is like a touch of spring, but still covers the head on the cloudy days. The picot edge makes a flattering look to a very feminine hat.

Lilac Blossom Hat

If you would like to purchase this  Lilac Petal Basketweave Hat  ©   please leave a comment or e mail  wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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