Oct 03

Magic Key Cozy

Hi Friends,

A cute little key cosy is the perfect use for those bits of yarn you hate to discard :) These could be just the right thing to find a special key on your key ring:)

This pattern uses fingering yarn and  only uses  ten yards of yarn. I found this little pattern on Knit Freedom with Liat  and it is called Key Cozy Pattern for fingering Weight Yarn by Liat Gat. The pattern is a way to use the magic loop method for making small items:)

A few rounds of knitting for the Magic Key Cozy :)

key cosy"knitting|yarn oddments|colours|keys|handy|quick|fun


I call it Magic Key Cozy as with the different coloured yarn they make each key magically found easier :) I used a bit of baby fingering for my first one. You can use size 1 double pointed needles or a US size 1 40″ circular lace needle.

You cast on 10 stitches and join them in the round. You do four of plain knitting then you do three increase rounds.

The Magic Key Cozy is almost half done. One more plain round of knitting then three decrease rounds:)


You then place the key long end first into the Magic Key Cozy :)

You do a decrease round leaving 6 stitches. You break the yarn leaving a long end . Thread the yarn end into a needle and pull the needle through the left over stitches , pull tight knot the end & weave in all ends :)

The key is snug in it’s little cozy and jumps out from the key chain when you need it  :) How cute is that? What a cute stocking stuffer they would make 😉


If you would like a Magic Key Cozor many, please leave a comment or e mail wendy@smilesnpurls.com


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