Oct 18

Metallic Cabled Cowl

Hi Friends,

This cowl will have you green with envy, as the colour and the metallic look is so cool :) This  weather has brought  cowls into place to bridge the gap between shirts and coats 😉 The Metallic Cabled Cowl is a fresh look and is perfect for dressing up a sweater or coat :)

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I designed this Metallic Cabled Cowl  using 5mm Knitter’s Pride Symfonie Dreamz needles and  the green metallic yarn.The serpentine  look of the cables  just called for a green yarn. I used Patons Metallic, it is an acrylic and wool blend yarn .

It knits up lightly, with a lovely fluid drape, to create stylish, eye-catching garments and statement accessories. It comes in a selection of shining shades with a striking metallic finish which I love :)

Metallic Cable Cowl

I chose to make cables on this cowl. I made it so that  one half  is done in seed stitch, and the other half is  just stocking stitch ,so it gives it an interesting texture. It really does look like a serpentine :)

The Metallic Cabled Cowl feels warm, but also feels cool  to the touch :) so it is perfect for any temperature :)

Metallic Cabled Cowl

I enjoyed making this Metallic Cabled Cowl , and is another one of my Smiles ‘n’ Purls  designs ©

It is  “a one size fits  all ”  gift , for that special someone 😉

If you would like this cowl or one made in another colour or yarn please leave a comment or e mail to   wendy@smilesnpurls.com




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