Sep 18

Peridot Cable & Lace Cowl

Hi friends,

Peridot a such a pretty jewel colour, and with a touch of sequins along the way ,makes the Peridot Cable & Lace Cowl   special :) The pretty small cables and the lacy look make this cowl a pretty touch for fall, with a sweater or shirt :)

I got the pattern from a site called Balls to the Walls Knits by Gretchen Tracy  & her design is called Rib & Cable Cowl :). The pattern is fairly simple but has a sophisticated feel to it :)

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I had a ball of Patons Lace Sequin in the colour peridot . The  Peridot Cable & Lace Cowl was then  named :) I have been waiting for the perfect pattern to use this yarn as it is a discontinued colour . A fine weight yarn with a beautiful glimmer of sparkle. Ideal for heirloom and special event articles as well as everyday. Impactful shade range with unexpected bright shades ideal for statement accessory pieces.

A reached out my Knitter’s Pride 4mm  Marblz knitting needle and cast on the 135 stitches for the Peridot Cable & Lace Cowl.

The pattern is only four rows of continuous repeat and consists of 4 stitches for a cable and five stitches for eyelet lace look around the cowl :) Did I mentioned cables and eyelet s are my favourite stitches ?


The pattern has a  3 stitch knit and five stitch row. he second round has a lace row over the 5 stitches. The third round is the same as the first stitch. The final round has the 4 stitches of a cable and five as the lace :)

I knitted this four round pattern until the  piece measures roughly 8″, or desired length is reached, and you’ve just finished row 1 of the pattern. Bind off loosely, knitting the knit stitches and purling the purls. Tuck in ends.

This cowl was a treat to knit :) I always love the little sparkle from the sequins and the peridot is a favourite for me too :)


This is a lovely cowl to give a gift . There is always a need for a pretty little something in your wardrobe :)

If you would like to order a Peridot Cable & Lace Cowl  or any other colour, please a comment or e mail   wendy@smilesnpurls.com




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