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Pretty Helix Striped Hat

Hi Friends,

Have you ever heard of Helix Knitting? It is a way of knitting stripes when you have a circular needle.You split the amount of stitches into equal amount on one round. It is a way to have a spiral effect & a nice even look for the stripes.I found this pattern on TechKnitting .  I just love to learn new techniques 

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I just saw this today so of course I had to try it. I decided to make a hat. I will call it Pretty Helix Striped Hat  .  I decided to use four colours and one of them is a variegated eyelash effect yarn. I am using worsted weight yarn in green,purple,peach and a variegated yarn called Portofino.

I used a 4-5mm circular knitting needle and cast on 88 stitches.

I did a knit one purl one rib for an inch then started the colours. So I did 22 stitches  in the first colour then added the next colour by just starting to use the colour leaving the ends to sew in later.


I added each of the other colours . You do not put a stitch divider but just keep knitting around and around making spirals, So once you have all colours on it is just a matter of picking up the colour changes when the yarn comes around.

Like I said I made the Pretty Helix Striped Hat  from this technique and just did some decreases to make the hat shaping

Helix Hat

I really enjoyed doing this hat . I hope you liked this post.  This hat could be done in any yarn or colours:)

If you would like to purchase this Pretty Helix Striped Hat

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