Nov 25

Smile for Sunflowers

Hi Friends,

Smile for Sunflowers is a bright sunflower pattern afghan that is sure to put a smile on your face :)yarn:knitting needles|pattern|bobblesThis Smile for Sunflowers  afghan was  knitted in Bernat Satin and the colour was Sunflower which is now discontinued. When I saw the pattern it was too good to be true I had the exact colour yarn I needed:)

The pattern is from Knit Baby Afghans By The Pound by Rita Weiss.I named the pattern Smiles for Sunflowers to as this is how it makes me feel :)   The edges are done in garter stitch and the main body is reverse stocking stitch .The pattern is made from eyelet stitches, bobbles and knitted ridges. This pattern was like nothing I have ever done. The ridges look like the leaves and the bobbles turn into the flowers.


The Smile for Sunflowers Blanket was a pattern that took some concentration as it is an Intermediate skill pattern :) :).I enjoyed the challenge :)

If you are interested in buying this Smiles for Sunflowers afghan please add a comment or e mail   wendy@smilesnpurls.com

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